My Song Is Gone

All of my life, I’ve been singing

From birth until thirty-years-young

A lyric for all situations

A tune on the ‘tip of my tongue’

I sang in the choir as a school-girl

And at church at the ‘top of my lungs’

Never a moment of silence

Just a girl with a heart full of songs

I sang because music inspired me

I sang through the good times and hard

When I sang it was always uplifting

In the bath, down the pub, in the car.

One day, the dark overwhelmed me

All black, like the octopus-witch

Stole the songs I’d collected inside me

Altered my mind and my spirit

Now there’s no music within me

Now that the songs have all gone

I’m afraid if I sing just a little

I will let out too much emotion

These days are ever-so empty

The weeks are ever-so long

My heart is ever-so heavy

Since darkness stole all of my songs

All I do now is just listen

And watch all my friends as they sing

Longing inside to stand with them

In the Choir I used to be in

2 thoughts on “My Song Is Gone

  1. I long for you to sing with us too. One day (when your ready), we will have a good old sing song and be so happyx


  2. I wonder if it will start with a tiny song word or a note, stuck in your head, joined by a few more that grow and build until your brain, body and heart just burst into song? Or perhaps the notes and words will leak out slowly so that you squeak out a line from a song occasionally? Either way it will start in its own time, just keep the faith and let it come. You just can’t keep a strong woman with a good song down for long. X

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